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                                      Bruce  Burt

Bruce Burt,with an original combination of his own post-modern naive-Minimalist
discourse, he is able to capture in his paintings very different kinds of realities-beauties.
His work is always powerful and provoking, and makes us the viewers,love life a bit more.

Manuel Alvarez Lezama
Professor at tne University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Critic of Art and Poetry
Member of the Board of Directors in the Institute for Puertorican Culture.


Bruce Burt's art displays hybrid characteristics that put him in the Pop and candid, or naive
school of art, his derivative of wich he chooses to call " Caribbean Neo Pop".

The use of the color in this work is on a single plane in the manner of other pop artists such
as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein but without the "accidental stroke" of the former in
relationship to formality and precision that pretend to simulate "error" caused by the
imprecision of the commercial method of stamping and serigraphy. It is to say tha Burt's
work is one of precision and finish that is not willed to be the contrary but is willed to be
immaculate with its clean tones and form taken to an extreme level of pulchritude.

Like Lichtenstein, Burt often uses a formaliity of composition resulting in a flat plane, but
shows divergence in many of his compositions by reaching into a second plane,
complementing the first, with both scale and color. It is clear that Burt's work is absent of
polka dots, substituted by a single variance of tones and pastel nuances combined and exalted
by the contoured black lines of graphic style.

These contours do not hesitate. They succeed in sutaining with a chromatic force and a solid
visual impression. The representation of shades without transition is transformed by lines,
and these correspond to the form, riding its borders and contours achieving even more
tension in its color contrasts.

And it is this sentiment that is a part of the virtue that is Bruce Burt. My God ,how does he do
it? There is no nervous apprentice here.There is no escape of the fact nor is there
consolation in the irregular. His hand does not slip to the here and there. No,there is nothing
left to chance or uncertainty here. It is all calculated.The artists sees the fabric of the canvas.
He is sure of himselt. He knows his theme. Here we find the dichotomy: it is not  the theme
but the theme as concept that unites the work to a single unwavering substance.

The theme as concept is born in his  personal taste.The artist tell us, "I  find the themes as they
come to me, it  grabs my attention; I use it, nothing else." There is no path or ideology.

Through the different works we see images disassociated from one  another: a Virgen, an
American soldier,a banana plant,a woman on a balcony a model, a pair of friends,etc.
Here is the  naif. There is no prejudice in his selection, which offers us a  note of camp in a
world of single vision. It is escapist and sensual but at peace with itself.

Marcel Duchamp one said, " To understand the works of an  artist, one must first understand
The artist". And it is here that we go to understand Bruce Burt. From the balcony view of his
home studio, he observes the world. Where a magical sunset filters into the subliminal rays
of orange and blue, in between the low clouds, over the horizon that subtly bathe the Island
of Desecheo like a floating giant god, caressing a handsome  Caribbean sum.

Carlos Fajardo  Heyliger
Art Professor
University of  Puerto Rico
Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez

August 20,2008

Bruce Burt’s    Paintings have to do with the beauty of Nature. The spirituality reflected in his work puts the spectator in a state of harmony.  His Pop Art images invite dialogue, which offers us a note of camp in a world of a single vision.

Manuel Alvarez Lezama

Professor at the University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras

Critic of Art and Poetry

Member of the Board of Directors in the Institute for Puertorican Culture

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